Delighting in God’s grace
Learning from Jesus
Growing in the Spirit
Engaging the world’s sorrows and joys
Peacefully, simply, together

The Richmond Church of the Brethren is a come-as-you-are faith community with a wide welcome, far-reaching ministry, and deep spirituality. Whether you join us for worship or other events, you will find authentic friendship, permission to ask questions, engaging fellowship, and opportunities to grow in your relationship with God, others, and yourself.

We are a “priesthood of all believers” in which everyone is welcome as together we explore God’s call for our lives, learning from Jesus and growing in the Spirit:

Following the example of Jesus, the Richmond Church of the Brethren welcomes and invites the full participation of every person. We embrace diversity in age, nationality, race and ethnicity, marital and family status, gender identity and sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, educational background, socioeconomic situation, and faith experience.

- Richmond Church of the Brethren Welcoming Statement