There are times in the year that we gather for special emphasis in our worship:

Love Feast
We gather for a deeply meaningful event of inner reflection, outward service, and joy in community with Jesus as our foundation. Our denomination has been practicing this ritual for 300 years in various forms. No matter the form, Love Feast is an expression of our congregation’s shared values and beliefs. This is a traditional and rich embodied worship gathering for

  • self-examination, or self-knowing;
  • footwashing – we bend and wash one another’s feet as a ritual of service, love, and reconciliation;
  • agape meal – a simple meal to foster joyful conversation and connection to one another;
  • communion – the remembrance of the body and sacrificial love of Jesus.
  • Love Feast takes place twice a year, usually in October and on Maundy Thursday of Holy Week.
Ash Wednesday
At this simple worship service, we mark the beginning of Lent by placing the sign of the cross in ashes on our foreheads as a reminder of our human mortality.
This service of rising shadows and extinguishing lights is held on Good Friday as we prepare our hearts, minds, and souls for the remembrance of Jesus’s sacrificial death on the cross.
Easter Sunrise
Most often, this takes place in the early morning hours by a local pond. It is a simple service of joy as we lift off the veil of sorrow, facing the rising sun and the Risen Son.
Christmas Eve
In the midst of a highly cultural holiday with various meanings, we gather to express our thankfulness and awe at the Source of all life taking human form and being birthed into this world. We celebrate the birth of Jesus with song, candlelight, and love.

Upcoming Special Worship Gatherings