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The Journey Continues

by Matt McKimmy

Three months after announcing my resignation and starting the process of saying goodbye it is time for this chapter of our lives to draw to a close. I’ve preached my final sermon. My office is almost packed. I’ve tended to numerous details, making copious notes on the care and feeding of this beloved congregation.

Goodbyes are rarely easy. Especially in this case, where my spiritual calling involves knowing that it is time to go yet still having a great deal of uncertainty in what lies ahead.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

by Matt McKimmy

The Christmas and New Year season is one when we naturally experience many turning points. For countless generations humanity has felt the shifts this time of year brings. The days are slowly lengthening as nature stretches toward spring, even though winter is barely upon us. We celebrate the birth of the Christ child, even though […]

Advent Uncertainty

by Matt McKimmy

Looking at the way the world around us prepares for Christmas, there’s very little uncertainty. The countdown begins earlier and earlier each year. You simply can’t ignore what’s coming, and the only thing that’s unpredictable is how retailers will try to find new ways to capitalize on the season. For example, just today I received an email proclaiming “Black Friday Tuesday!” The season of Advent, leading up to Christmas, is intended to be a time of expectation and waiting, but there’s also a fair amount of uncertainty.

Open Arms Ministries News

by Matt McKimmy

Our November outreach emphasis is Open Arms Ministries. We are a partner congregation in Open Arms, a diverse faith-based coalition that┬áprovides crisis assistance and tools for life management to lessen the suffering of those who are living in poverty. In collaboration with other ministries and organizations in our area, Open Arms Ministries offers hope and […]