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Moving with the Spirit

by Matt McKimmy
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As I write this I’m surrounded by boxes. Moving boxes, filled with books. I’m in the middle of packing up my office as we prepare to vacate our old church building at 1 SW 17th St.

I must confess to feeling quite conflicted. My journey with Jesus calls me to a posture of rootedness and deep connection. There’s an ancient saying from the desert monastics that has formed me greatly: “In whatever place you live, do not easily leave it.”

Critical Mass

by Matt McKimmy

In order for a nuclear reaction to be self-sustaining there must be a critical mass of reactive material to keep the reaction going. In order for a particular business model to be viable there must be a critical mass of shoppers interested in buying what you’re selling. For a cities to take bikes as transportation seriously there must be a critical mass of bicyclists already on the streets. And for certain models of church we must have a critical mass of engaged, committed individuals and families supporting our shared ministry.

Annual Conference 2014

by Joseph Tolton

Activities and Events Things to do at conference include meal events, age group activities, Saturday evening concerts, insight sessions, a bus tour of German Village, mutual help groups, singing in the Annual Conference choir, AACB Quilting, the BBT Fitness Run, worship services, conference business sessions, and more. Meal Events Meal events include 24 different meals throughout […]

Sorting Our Stuff

by Matt McKimmy

One of the most challenging aspects of selling our building is discerning what to do with all of our personal property items, AKA our “stuff.”

Through a recent Ministry Visioning Session and our June 1st forum, we have come up with a process of sorting through all our remaining stuff.

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 15th, we will have a Sorting Day.