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Sorting Our Stuff

by Matt McKimmy

One of the most challenging aspects of selling our building is discerning what to do with all of our personal property items, AKA our “stuff.”

Through a recent Ministry Visioning Session and our June 1st forum, we have come up with a process of sorting through all our remaining stuff.

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 15th, we will have a Sorting Day.

Open Arms Ministries Update

by Josie Tolton

The most pressing issue for Open Arms Ministries (OAM) has been the Executive Director Sharlene George‚Äôs medical leave following a broken hip. Even without Sharlene’s physical presence the office has remained open through the help of volunteers and our employees from National ABLE. Sharlene is recovering well and is currently working from home as she […]

Hardware Co-op in Transition

by Josie Tolton

As the number of volunteers has waned and the amount of inventory has risen, a time of transition has come to the Hardware Co-op. Add into the mix the congregation’s efforts to sell the current building and it becomes clear that big changes are in store for the Hardware Co-op. Much and perhaps even all […]